Tuesday, January 3

2012 Let's Make This Happen...

My office was never this cold, it really wasn't this is disgusting, why did I sit here in the cold, typing stuff, when I could be playing Hungry Hippos (with Maltesers) by the fire.

So far 2012 has been boring, no uprising, riots, overdoses or choirs made up of soldiers wives, so let's make some predictions for 2012...

1. People will get bored of Facebook changing all the time.

Timeline launches on the 9th Jan, and it's a pretty big step forward, it breaks down your whole life into a time line of Facebook events (actually quite a depressing thought), starting from your birth, then skipping to when you joined Facebook and then running through all the events from there.

I don't know about you, but recently I've been a bit frustrated with Facebook, and left with a feeling I'm not as involved with friends posts as I used to be, it seems to have become a little too insular, and I think this is a result of it worrying too much about Google+ 's USP of exclusivity. Which brings us onto our next point...

2. Social Exclusivity

Google+ started this, and Facebook has also developed the way it works to incorporate it. This is all happening because the rate people are gathering friends across all platforms, in about 15 years time everyone will be connected to everyone, and then everything is ruined. Advertising becomes less targeted, messages become diluted and communication is back to being 'mass', and loses it's 'Nano' appeal.

Earlier this year asked this question to Dave Kerpen and he told me that these sites are dealing with this by forcing people to group their contacts, and target their messages more directly to those groups. You can see this happening across the platforms, but if it's going to work, the algorithms that make these calculations for you, (especially on Facebook) have got to get more intelligent.

3. Some Famous People will Die

I've been thinking about this a lot, but here's the official Deathlist 2012.

4. BandApp Will Be Huge

There's a new app coming for Bands, it's been around of 2 years, but it's being rebuilt, rebranded and relaunched, and Citizen are at the heart of this new initiative. Citizen, along side Colin Hayward of Monogram Digital have just signed an 18 Month deal to be part of the team that makes this App, the biggest distribution aid for unsigned Bands. I'll keep you posted on this.

What do you think's going to happen, get you predictions in now before they happen.

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49th Floor said...

Regarding Facebook, I think that if it just blindly stayed the way it was forever more it would become insignificant at a much faster rate than if new directions are tried and sometimes failed. I can see why you might not feel as connected with your friends posts at times, but can you really blame Facebook for that or has the novelty of what you're friends are saying publicly just worn off? I often bore myself on Facebook, so no wonder my buddies are less bothered on commenting.

Your death list was eye opening as I thought at least 90% of them were already well dead at the time of writing this. Admittedly, my brain has been corrupted with infinity Quality Street, turkey sandwiches and stuffing-based farts over the past week or two, so maybe I'll catch up in time.

As for BandApp, it sounds like a great idea and wish you all the best with it, there's certainly a decent need for a decent platform for decent quality demos.

My top 5 predictions for 2012 are:
1. iPhone 5 will look nice, but will underwhelm the punters
2. everyone will blame this on Steve Jobs death
3. iPad 3 will look nice, but will underwhelm the punters
4. everyone will blame this on Steve Jobs death
5. at least one more person will read my chemical composition of a cry christmas blog post: http://www.49thfloor.co.uk/blog/item/82-chemical-composition-of-a-crap-christmas.html

Ben Brown said...

You're right, maybe it's my friends, I'm going to blame them. I think the problem is you can see everything that's posted on the desktop version, but I use the App more, and that seems to make decisions for me which I don't think is right.

You're right about the Apple launches this year, I don't think people realise that he developed the iPad to near completion about 5 years ago, so it's likely that the next 3/4 years of launches will have had his complete approval.

The most use phrase of 2012 is likely to be 'Steve Jobs would have never let this happen'.