Thursday, October 20

POP Goes the Logo

I'm currently working with Perfectly Organised Parties, and we've just finished an EDM campaign that promoted a recent piece about the company in the October Vogue Magazine, we decided maybe this was a good time to give the company a facelift, so we got busy working on logos.

I've created a logo that's a badge for the company, it's something what can be used in it's above form, or with copy (below), but most importantly we can use the space for patterns and illustrations that can help keep the brand fresh, react to seasonal trends or gear themselves towards a client.

The Logo is like an event, it's a blank canvass, and together we can decorate it and present it exactly the way we want it. It's a mini event, perfectly formed, unique sometimes, functional, when it needs to be.


Just created some Stationery concepts to support the brand:

Or call 07764 898 010


Col said...

Mr Brown...

Loving the logo! Love the simplicity of its design and I love how the fact that you've integrated the patterns in order to keep it looking fresh and think of longevity on behalf of the client...

Boy done good!

BB said...

Thanks, that's the idea! Glad you approve.