Tuesday, June 19

10 Things our Grandchildren will laugh at

I predict that in the in the year 2063 the following things will be found humorous by our grandchildren:

1. Wires
2. Coins
3. CD's
4. The Internet as a 'seperate thing' to the rest of your life
5. Facebook
6. Watches
7. Keys
8. Eyebrows
9. Petrol
10. LoveFilm  - The very idea that you would pay a monthly subscriptions to a service provider, and THEY would choose that kind of film THEY wanted you to see is mental. For example you might be in the mood for a Rom Com - WRONG "THE COMPUTER HAS SELECTED: THE KINGS SPEECH', or you might want to watch something with a bit of sustenance, WRONG "THE COMPUTER HAS SELECTED: THE HANGOVER PART 2'. It seems weird even today, that anyone would thing think that's a good idea, so, after year of trying to get round to it, we finally cancelled our subscription.

As a business model in 2012's multi touch, multi choice age, this seems preposterously outdated. Cancel your subscriptions now, before everyone laughs at you.

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