Wednesday, February 1

Crimpington Post

The simple ideas are always the best, and sometimes the ones you would never consider to be interesting to anyone else and totally barnstorming.

This week the creative team behind The Torygraph invited me to have a look at The Crimpington Post. I'll be honest, to start with I though it was stupid, backs of head, then fronts of head WFT? But then I found myself scrolling through all the images and noticed that from the backs of the heads I started to develop an expectation of that the faces looked like, then on the reveal I was generally wrong. This is genuinely engaging, and a simple idea that a lot of people will find interesting.

It helps that the photography is beautify crisp, and the street models are characterful. It's great example of engaging content and a really human level, and once again honoured to be a part of it (I formatted the blog and created the masthead for them).

Now what could that bloke look like... take a click though and see The Crimpington Post.

Or call 07738 175 614

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