Wednesday, February 6

In the Factory lineage

Durutti Column signed to Factory records in 79/80 as one of Tony Wilson's first acts and their first album 'The Return of the Durutti Column'baring the catalogue number FACT 14 was the famous Peter Saville sleeve made of sandpaper (designed to destroy all the records around it).

They're a hugely important band and have earned their place in the history of music as part of the Factory scene. As you can imagine being asked to work on a Durutti Column album cover is an honor, and I've really enjoyed working under the pressure of my legendary peers.

My work on the album, 'Sunlight To Blue... Blue To Blackness' gives me a direct link to greatness, however vague it is, you can trace a line from Tony Wilson, to Factory Records, to Peter Saville and Duritti Column, skip a few years and there's me at the end of it, smiling like a buffoon.

You can see the cover here and the inside of the booklet here.

It's a great album and when it's released on Kooky you'll be able to pick it up at all good record stores.