Friday, July 15

SIlent Guns Artwork

At the start of the year I was approach by old friends The New Cassettes and asked to create some artwork for them for a album and single release on an affiliated MTV label based in the US.

They wanted something with a Punk feel, that bought in some of the ideas used in the early Roxy Music art. The first thing I did was get each member of the band to pick 5 images that they attached to each song, this gave me a huge collection of things make massive collage. I then used as the theme across all of the artwork.

I've then taken different girls poses and layered the patchwork image into each scene without ever revealing the entire canvass. Then shaded the shape of the legs back in, and shifted the poses to make it feel awkward and suggestive.

There's more releases to follow and the album cover gives away the most, so stay tuned to see how it all turns out.

You can buy the single Silent Guns on iTunes here.

Or call 07764 898 010