Thursday, August 27

Creattica Submission

Good news, the Real to Reel logo has been accepted as a submission on the Creattica site. Have a look and comment or 'favourite' it.

Monday, August 24

Real To Reel Media Logo

Another week, another logo brief and for another film company. They're through the same contact, if you're wondering, I supposed if you deliver so hard on a brief, the chances are they're going to want use you again. Here's my brief:

"Its for: Real To Reel Media. Its a community media project, working with the youngsters and do Film, Music tech, Dj'ing, Graffiti and that sort of thing.

Also do evaluation and consultation work etc. So it needs to appeal to the youngsters and a couple of suits that commission consultation, diversionary activities and projects etc."

I thought I might go through the process for a change. So Stage 1, was to draw the tape and the reel, I did this using a few different scripty fonts, and drew the paths to join them up in Illustrator.

Stage 2 was to incorporate the word 'Media' in there. It needed to be something big and bold to offset and anchor the floaty type above it.

Stage 3 was to refine the top script and make the second 'R' more defined as it was getting lost in the scrawl of the previous versions. I also put some gradiated tone into the Media.

Stage 4 was probably the most important stage, this was to spell the name of the company right. In my haste and excitement I'd not read the brief properly. Oh the shame.

Thursday, August 20

James Lockey Films Logo

The brief for this was nice:

"I like columbo and the 70's right through to that cool fella who does the 70's pharmaceutical design/branding."

He was of course talking about Geigy, so a bold simple approach was needed and has been delivered.

You can see some of the work JLF are doing here.