Wednesday, September 26

To The Sun

I forgot to post this last month. It's the Maps artwork in the Sun, and it's on my favorite page, Victoria Newton's Bizarre.

There are no mountains left for me to conquer. Good night.

Monday, September 24

Building the Middle of Nowhere Poster.

I thought it might be interesting to dissect a piece of work and talk through all the layers that go into something. Plus I'm a bit 'Mondayed' today and this is quite a relaxing thing to do.

So the brief was for a festival to take place in next year in Northampton called 'Middle of Nowhere'. I knocked together a load of obvious festival-looking ideas before I got anywhere close to something interesting. I wanted to avoid the whole Summer of 69 vibe, illustrations of flowers and trees, summer and sun, love and peace and harmony because let's be honest festivals aren't about that anymore.

(You might need to right click the picture on the right and have it open in another window to follow the steps).

ONE. So this is the starting point. I wanted an empty sky that had some drama and a little bit of detail. I found this on Flickr on a search for sky and fog. It took a while, but it was perfect.

TWO. The next step was to colour the frame to make it look more dramatic and flattern the tomes a little. I added a couple of layers of distorted pigment that I found on iStock Photo and used the Hard Light filter to make these sit on top of the photo and let the detail and scruffiness bleed through.

THREE. I wanted to age the poster, in a non-trite way. I really liked the US posters for Death Proof, they were artificially aged really well, so I borrowed that kind of look. I wanted them to look like they'd been folded in someone's loft for 30 years and the gloss has all stuck together and ripped off when it was pulled apart.

FOUR. For the title of the festival I wanted to build something illustrative into the photograph and not simply overlay the type on top of it. I played about with several ideas including a reel of film and a cinema canopy, but eventually I decided on instruments and cameras. I've used Gretsch drums and guitar and an old cine camera to hold the text.

FIVE. The final step was some flatterened colour correction and to overlay the type, I used a new font I’ve found called Coolvetiva, crap name, but lovely font.

I brought contrast up in Photoshop to bolster the hues and make it look more juicy. Finally I placed the logos, I love putting little logos on posters, I always think they give work some authority.

The festival is currently in negotiations, so it's all underwraps at the moment. When the final work is signed off it will be on my Flickr Site.

Thursday, September 20

Region 4 – A Gift From My Hire Car

Maps are out on tour again that means there's a new Region CD, this one includes a Kyte remix.

I've carried on the theme of the Region expanding with each release, so we're onto Saturn now. I found some really fierce images of the planet and played about with the vector shape over the top of them.

I realised that I get inflluenced by the smallest things around me, at the moment I've got a hire car and the digital display I look at every day is a red LCD readout that burns really brightly, I noticed last night when I'd finished this cover that they look really similar.