Monday, August 11

Free(ish) Album Covers (sometimes)...

I've hit a bit of a lull at the minute and I'm screaming out for some creative design to work on. I've never charged small bands and labels much more than my expenses to work on their projects, and I've always done it out of genuine love for artists and music.

So if you're in a band, or you know of anyone who needs work doing put them in touch, I'd be glad to help.

Drop me an email:

Monday, July 7

I love seeing my work on iTunes

I suppose it's the modern-day designers equivalent to hearing your song on the radio. It always puts a brief smile on my face.

See the full version here

Tuesday, May 27


It's been a while since I've gotten into any Citizen work but I recently had a request from one of my favourite local bands Slipstream to create the artwork for their new album Mantra, of course I accepted.

The album's a great rock and roll record, it's got the kind of psychedelic influences you'd expect from the ex-Spiritualized guitarist, and we wanted to create something to reflect this in a modern way.

I'm not going to explain the work too much, if you have to explain why it works, then it’s not working.

Click the image below to see the whole illustration.

See more of my album artwork here

Wednesday, February 6

In the Factory lineage

Durutti Column signed to Factory records in 79/80 as one of Tony Wilson's first acts and their first album 'The Return of the Durutti Column'baring the catalogue number FACT 14 was the famous Peter Saville sleeve made of sandpaper (designed to destroy all the records around it).

They're a hugely important band and have earned their place in the history of music as part of the Factory scene. As you can imagine being asked to work on a Durutti Column album cover is an honor, and I've really enjoyed working under the pressure of my legendary peers.

My work on the album, 'Sunlight To Blue... Blue To Blackness' gives me a direct link to greatness, however vague it is, you can trace a line from Tony Wilson, to Factory Records, to Peter Saville and Duritti Column, skip a few years and there's me at the end of it, smiling like a buffoon.

You can see the cover here and the inside of the booklet here.

It's a great album and when it's released on Kooky you'll be able to pick it up at all good record stores.

Wednesday, January 30

Exhibition Success

Well, I had a good time anyway. The work looked great, it was surprisingly busy and I met a fan all the way from New York, which was really nice.

Thanks to everyone who made it on the day, and if you didn't make it, it's on until 7th Feb at the Art Vinyl Gallery, 20 Broadway Market, London.

You can see some photos from the day here

Monday, January 21

Maps Exhibition

At long last I have details of the exhibition of all my Maps artwork. It's this Saturday 24th from 12midday until 5pm at The Art Vinyl Gallery, 20 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH. The exhibition runs from January 24th - February 7th

I’ll be there and James chapman will be DJing at the opening which will be attended by most of the artists. It’s my first ever exhibition, so if anyone is in the area please drop by. More info here.

Thanks to the people at Mute and at the Art Vinyl Gallery for all their help.