Monday, April 16

Arrrrr Bisto, you patronising bastard

So the new Bisto advert wants us all to get together for one night a week, all sit at the table and eat 'proper' food, with a 'proper' gravy. Take a look below if you haven't seen it already.

Well guess what? Most people I know do that already, when they can, and Bisto is not 'proper' gravy, I've seen Karen make proper gravy, it's it's way too much effort, to bother with.

What really annoys me about this advert is its misguided attempt to make 'Britain better', by striking a simple concept into the homes of broken Britain. An idea so utterly inane it could only have come from a advertising executive, a concept so pointless and patronising that it comes out of nowhere, based on nothing but a whimsical notion of how much better life used to be, the idea that we'd all be happier if dad came home from work early and had dinner at the table.

Well fucking guess what, dad would dicking love to come home early and eat with his family, but he's busy earning the money for the morally engrossed gravy they're all busy eating. So don't make him feel bad for putting your shitty product on his own table, and not being there to enjoy it.

You know what Bisto, most people are sitting at the tables and eating 'proper' dinners, but if they're not, it probably, is because they've got something more important to do, it's because it's 2012, times are hard, people have to work when the work is and sometimes that's at tea time, so get off your high horse and stop preaching to England like you're some kind of moral compass for all families. Your a corporation that makes gravy, we don't need you to tell us what to do, we just need you to make some fucking gravy granules we can pour over our shitty teas.

Speak to Citizen about, not being patronising, gravy and swearing in blogs. Call to action of the year?

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Paul said...

I really want some fucking gravy now!

Ben Brown said...

At the table?

49th Floor said...

I agree totally and can I say - it makes such a refreshing change to read a blog written by someone with an actual opinion rather than a Photoshop Chrome Text tutorial or a top ten list of the best WordPress plugins like so many other agencies do.

Ben Brown said...

That's really nice thanks very much. I try to be constructive and not just hateful, I appreciate this is someone's work, but you can't help what annoys you can you?

Appreciate it.

AG said...

Maybe they thought they'd never capture the River Cottage demographic, so best to go straight for the lazy, turkey twizzling, chip-poke-school-fence sorts that Oliver is hounding.

They could've just had an old lady decending on a stair lift as she passes pictures of Spitfires and Lady Di memorablia, describing our declining food standards before rising boldly to her kitchen and glorious Bisto at the end.

A playful move would be to attack the Foodie market by playing at being a guilty secret.
I mean next to my 3 types of balsamic, multiple chilli sauces and oils I have some chicken bisto. There. I said it.