Wednesday, July 8

Let's go back...

When the Moons came to me to ask for artwork for their new single 'Torn Between Two' I knew my current trend of vector based, psychedelia wasn't going to work with their unashamed, classic-60's pop sound.

After hearing the record I wanted to create something that if someone found the 7" in a record shop and listened to it, they'd have no idea what year it was recorded until they checked out the date on the back. That's the vibe you get from the music so I wanted this to follow through with the artwork. It was all about looking back while avoiding any pastiche or cliché of the 60's. This lead me to a style that i used to play about with all the time about 6/7 years ago, that of one of my only real 'design' hero, Saul Bass.

I decided on a mono theme, and this, together with the framed artwork gave the piece a real classic underground 60's feel. I was particularly happy with the typesetting on the reverse;

And finally to give the whole thing a blast of colour I've coloured the 7" labels red, again I'm very pleased with the typesetting here, I've switched the colours round on each side to give them some distinction;

The single is out on Acid Jazz Records in September.

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