Tuesday, June 9

Tell All Your Friends Single Artwork

I've just completed the first single cover for the band White Belt Yellow Tag. The single's called 'Tell Your Friends' and is out in July on Distiller Records.

The brief for this was; one copy of the album and a love of 'Unknown Pleasures', so this was my starting point and this is what I told the band;


As a starting point I was directed to ‘Unknown Pleasures’. Showing the death of a star, isolated on a black background, and resized to an underproportioned canvas, it gives omits a coldness and desperation found in the music. (To simply do ‘Unknow Pleasures’ in white, isn’t possible, the black gives it, it’s hostility, without that we’re in dangerous ‘ColdPlay’ terrority.)

Having listened to WBYT I don’t get the same stark vibe, there’s a warmth and a soul to the music that underpins its depth.

So to reflect the brief I’ve gone back to what made Unknown Pleasures an iconic piece of work and applied similar principles to this artwork.

My focus was on your title ‘Ode To Nothingness’. From here I researched the dissolution of atoms (see left). I found numerous graphs, charts, illustrations and theories all about what happens to atoms and particles when they disintegrate, From these I extracted the parts that interested me and evolved them into striking pieces of art.

The result is taken from the Lorenzo Attractor, and it's a study of an atom's path.

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