Sunday, March 29

In The Beginning

Sorting out some cupboards today, I unearthed what I think is my first official attempt at logo design. It's for my first band 'Gripper'. Now obviously the band never made it out of our garage and the logo didn't get seen by the anyone outside of the band, but all good bands need a good logo right? (Gripper were not a good band).

This second piece shows my early attempt at flyer design, it was for our second band Lincoln and this actually lived to see the light of day, it showcases an interesting use of clip art, thinking back I can't remember what the hotdog symbolised, but it's another stunning piece work.

From what I remember this was a general awareness piece, and we gave them out in town on a Saturday then went home and sat by the phone waiting for people to call. Amazingly we did get one response, and we honestly didn't know what to say so we just hung up. Not a watertight marketing strategy I think you'll agree.

Everyone's got to start somewhere I suppose, I've come a long way.

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