Wednesday, March 11

Hip, Hip Hooray

Good news! My brother's getting married this year and as part of my Best-Man duties I was assigned the task of designing the invite. To be honest I get offended if any of my friends get married and don't ask me to do that.

They wanted a very English theme, inspired by The Kinks and 'Village Green Preservation Society', so bunting, birds and Hip, Hip, Hooray's were the order of the day. It's going to be a fantastic day, and you can only imagine how nervous I am delivering a Best-Man speech to a room full of comedy writers, 'boo'ed' and 'off' spring to mind.

The illustrations are all handdrawn in Illustrator. Originally they were going to be Screen Printed, so I wrestled with the artwork to keep it in as few colours as possible, I managed to limit it to 4, but it could have been 3. However costs forced us into more conventional print methods and it ended up being digitally process printed. The finished result still looks great and everyone seems really happy with them.

Hi Res version here.

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