Monday, July 30

How lame is that?

I hate it when designers hide their partners in their work like they're making some huge romantic gesture and preserving their image in time forever. Well, I used to hate it, then I did it.

iTunes pay a lot of money to feature in the Argos Catalogue, and the print run is well over a million copies, so potentially getting your face in there goes a long way to making you the most famous person in the world (sort of). So you can see this was a romantic opportunity to preserve Karen's image forever (it turns out I am lame). Still it's funny, and when we cracked it open at Argos, Luton and started showing complete strangers there's no way they thought we were poorly in our brains.

There she is on the iPod under the heading 'Photos', next to Johnny Depp. Click the photo to see an enlarged version.

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