Tuesday, July 24

To The Sky Single Cover

The next single from the Mercury Music Prize Nominated Maps Album is the biggest pop song on it, and the feeling within Mute is that it's going to be a big summer hit, so I really wanted to deliver on the cover

I wanted to get right inside the cubes for this one, and give a feeling that they were falling to earth and through them you can see the sky and the sun. It's impossible to match James' genius on this track, but to get inside the song and try and reflect some of the euphoria was where I tried to hang my hat.

My main inspirations have come from the first Slowdive EP, and the first My Bloody Valentine album Loveless.

Paul Taylor at Mute suggested that we roll out a different version of the cover on each format, I can't remember seeing that done before.

This is his second direct hit after he suggested we spot UV the logo on the back of the Gatefold Album. This is why I like working with Mute.


Thomas said...

You're incredible; I just got a new computer with a huge screen, and your art is the first thing I wanted to put on as my background. Needless to say, it looks great.

Is it weird to say "don't ever change"?


CitizenBB said...

Thanks very much, that's very kind.