Wednesday, January 13

Life on Earth Arrives

We've finally completed the artwork for 'Life on Earth'. It's been a long project and working closely with Acid Jazz and the band, we've developed a style that started as a seed on the first single and progressed from there. My only reference points from Andy Crofts, (The Moon's front man, writer, and Paul Weller's keyboard player) were to reflect the unashamed 60's sound of The Moons and throw a little bit of Saul in there.

It's been a great project to work on, to the credit of Acid Jazz each release has had a physical vinyl 7" and the album is being release as an LP as well as a CD, so it's a great showcase for the artwork.

Here's the booklet artwork that supported the CD release  (click to enlarge);

Spread 1

Spread 2

Spread 3

And finally the back cover.

I was really pleased with how the back cover turned out, I love the typesetting on it and I really liked the Planet Head illustration, this featured as an early idea for the album cover, but he band didn't dig it so I moved on.

To find out more about the band and when the album's being released click here.

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