Friday, May 18

Killing Flies

Last week Kooky Records asked to create some T-Shirts for them to celebrate their 10th birthday. They came to me with this email;

'Hi Ben

We had an of idea for t-shirts if you were still up for it: Our first ever review called the label "the sound of killing flies with a black and decker sander - NME" so perhaps a big sander squishing flies with the quote around it might be cool. Perhaps with the Kooky logo on the sander??

Cheers Alex'

It's nice when you work with people that have such great ideas, as soon as I read that I saw the design in my head. Click HERE to see an enlargement of the shirt.

STOP PRESS 24/05/07: I've just negotiated my Kooky Records contract with Phil at Kooky. As I currently do all their work for free, when Kooky make their first million pounds they're buying me a Roller.

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