Tuesday, June 19

10 Things our Grandchildren will laugh at

I predict that in the in the year 2063 the following things will be found humorous by our grandchildren:

1. Wires
2. Coins
3. CD's
4. The Internet as a 'seperate thing' to the rest of your life
5. Facebook
6. Watches
7. Keys
8. Eyebrows
9. Petrol
10. LoveFilm  - The very idea that you would pay a monthly subscriptions to a service provider, and THEY would choose that kind of film THEY wanted you to see is mental. For example you might be in the mood for a Rom Com - WRONG "THE COMPUTER HAS SELECTED: THE KINGS SPEECH', or you might want to watch something with a bit of sustenance, WRONG "THE COMPUTER HAS SELECTED: THE HANGOVER PART 2'. It seems weird even today, that anyone would thing think that's a good idea, so, after year of trying to get round to it, we finally cancelled our subscription.

As a business model in 2012's multi touch, multi choice age, this seems preposterously outdated. Cancel your subscriptions now, before everyone laughs at you.

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Natasha Dawson said...

There is an alternative - my husband hops straight on the website as soon as he's posted the last film back, switches all the ones he doesn't want to 'low priority' and the one he does want to 'high priority' and, well...you get the idea. I have spent many months pointing and laughing at him for this as invariably the one we want isn't available and we get sent another obscure film we couldn't remember adding (probably got drawn in by a trailer) anyway. The alternative to this alternative is that you could take film recommendations from your brother who told me to watch 'Dreams of a Life' - which depressed me so much it put me off anything over a PG rating for the rest of my life.

Ben Brown said...

I take all my recommendations from JB, and books, everything really, except shoes.

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