Wednesday, June 1

Erm, 'Drumming up Business'

I was recently interviewed for the Freelancing site PPH, here's a link to the article. It's been pretty good for my profile, and a few people have been in touch to say they've seen it, or they'd like my advice on starting up, it's really nice when people make the effort to appreciate your work.

I do regret sending that photo in though, to say I've got a Moon Face in it is a huge understatement. I know I was happy that day but it's no excuse. 

I'm a little more conscious of my 'Moon Face' these days since we took our 2 year old Archie to the Space Centre in Leicester at the weekend, and bought him a little Space Shuttle. I carried Archie out of the museum after lovely day, on my shoulders, and on the way out he kept trying to say (in his broken baby English) "Land, shuttle, on Daddy, Moon Face." I mean he's 2, so he can't lie. 

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes... Interview, yeah, it was good, have a read.

Or call 07764 898 010

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