Wednesday, March 9

Contra Versum Poster

This was a nice brief I won through PPH, movie posters are kind of the ultimate career goal for me and this is the first one I've had a chance to do. I think it's a 'One Sheet' which I'm informed is something a writer takes to a pitch to help them sell the script.

It's made from an illustration I did about a year ago for Paul Weller's album 'Wake up the Nation' which he didn't use, and went on to have one of the shitest covers I've ever seen (it wasn't designed by me BTW).

I'm really happy with how the artwork came out, but would have liked more access to the actual film visuals, and more logos and cast information to typeset on the poster, just to give it a more authentic feel.

Still Weller's loss is someone else's gain, I'm sure he's gutted.

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