Friday, July 30

The Moons – Everyday Heroes single cover

OK, so you've got a deadline, a blank page and a lead character (Dr. Moonhead) who died on the last cover. So what are you going to do?

Well surprisingly not panic, but fill the screen red and draw. That might sound obvious, but it's not how I normally work. Ordinarily the process is driven by fear, and the idea that I just can't do it. I start by downloading hundreds of images that I sprinkle into Photoshop and juggle around until something pops up that I can feel in my chest, once that's in a state I can understand, I leave it overnight and if I still love it in the morning, then it's done. 

But this was born a different way, it practically drew itself, I'd sent it to Andy before I'd finished it, and last night it was signed off and it's literally just gone to press. If I could I'd always work like this.

I really love it, it's my favourite of all the moons work and completes a really nice run of 7 Inch single covers. Hopefully we'll be releasing them in a boxset on Acid Jazz later in the year/early next year.

Goto for more information about the band.

Here's all the singles in order of release:

       Torn Between Two
Nightmare day
Let It Go
Everyday Heroes

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