Monday, April 5

New Moons: Let it Go

This is the last single from the Moons album 'Life on Earth', it's called 'Let it Go'. 

The art was inspired by the opening line of the song "Collect your ammunition, shoot a bullet in my back" and is the last piece of work to feature Dr. Moonhead who has been on all the releases so far. This cover marks his death, we all felt he'd run his course and it was time to kill him off.

As far as the style goes it follows on from the previous artwork in it's application, but it's much more progressive in it's composition. Overall it's my favourite of all the covers, this is probably because I created each piece from scratch so it feels the freshest to me. 

Pointless fact for you; The snub nosed revolver used was traced from a photograph of the one used by Jack Ruby.

This marks the end of a great campaign, Acid Jazz have been a great label to work with and The Moons are really kicking up some interest, so everybody's happy.

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