Tuesday, March 23

Part 2: Methods my methods.

Following on from my previous post, here's some more information on how the Methods composition was built up, and some of the key layers involved. 

It's too complicated to show about each layer actually affected the final image as there are about 60 layers in total, so here's a look at some of the key ones with my thinking for blending them into the image.

Layer 1 (below), was the boat itself. It ended up being buried deep within the composition with not much but the actual shape of the vessel coming through.

Layer 2 was a tone and texture layer, and an old photo I took in Miami Harbour. This gave the image some contrast from bottom to top and put some variance in the sky.

Layer 3 is a grunge, burnt photo paper layer with a few holes punched in it to let different textures come through. This layer gave the image it's oil painted feel, adding a scratchy feel to all the colours.

Layer 4 is probably the most visible layer, these are inverted clouds that have been flipped upside down. I left these in quite strong to really muddy up the scene, creating a dense, foggy look to the storm.

Layer 5 is a beautiful piece of NASA photography that gave the sky it's twinkly texture and put a slight tint of reddy-brown into the hills on the horizon. You can see where I've put some white on the image to allow the ship to come through.

Layer 6 is the layer that really bought the whole piece to life. This layer of light-spots gave the sea some real movement and created a splash in the bottom left corner that is my favourite part of the whole image. I love that it's out of focus creating a nice sense of depth to the piece.

Read more about Methods and the thinking behind my creative here.

White Belt Yellow Tags album Methods is out 5th April and available here.

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